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Eight Matchbooks - Pre rolled - Devambez
Eight Matchbooks - Pre rolled - Devambez
Eight Matchbooks - Pre rolled - Devambez
Eight Matchbooks - Pre rolled - Devambez

The Fabbrica di Fiammiferi Matchbooks

Style a classic flame with your paper. Snap off a poplar wood match, strike it with a flourish, and watch the elegant curlicue of smoke as it dances, rises and unfolds around you, forming circles, ovals, fantastic spirals...

Devambez has created an exclusive matchbook in partnership with the Rosselli family, owners of the last surviving traditional workshop in Europe. Each match reminds us of their unique Italian craftsmanship.

In 1820, Philippe Barrier founded the first match factory in Empoli, near Florence in Tuscany, Italy. His distinctive matchboxes gained world renown. In 1832, he decided to sell his workshops to Luigi Santini, and in 1853 they were taken over by Giuseppe Rosselli. For nine generations, the Rosselli family has created poplar wood matches known for their exceptional quality.

100% organic unbleached hemp paper with Devambez watermark
Devambez paper is GMO free, totally chemical and chlorine free

The seed is harvested at full maturity and in the best weather conditions

Fibers with the most finesse and optimal length

Moisture content control and fiber colour measurements

The taste of Devambez paper, intensely noble and natural, embodies the purity of the organic hemp from which it is exclusively made.

One case has eight matchbooks.
One matchbook has 30 matches. Total 240 matches.

The Devambez matchbook cover is made of 100% cotton Gmund paper.
On the booklet cover, the printing is hot foil stamping.

The blue case is made of a lizard-texture embossed paper.
All markings on the paper case are gold leaf printed.

Matchbook sizes are 7.4 x 5.1 cm (2.9 x 2 in).
The hand-built case sizes are 11 x 8.4 x 3.7 cm (4.33 x 3.30 x 1.45 in).
Total weight: 90 gr.
The matchbooks are made in Italy and the case is made in France.



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