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Books and rare flowers are the only true luxuries.

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Books and rare flowers are the only true luxuries.

Explore The Collection

Roulez-vous ?
Rolling by hand is a well-honed skill and a point of pride. Pre-rolled papers provide convenience and grace. Take it to a higher level with Devambez papers.

Masters of paper since 1826

From the monarchs and statesmen of the nineteenth century to the greatest luminaries of the Modernist art movement and beyond, Devambez has discreetly served people of rank, taste, and vision.

Pure French Hemp

Our hemp is cultivated in the Champagne region of France by a collective of organic farmers. Dedicated to their land, they meticulously preserve the purity of our plants, and the soil in which they grow.

Ultimate Luxury

From Place Vendôme in Paris, Devambez combines reverence for the inherent nobility of paper with the ritual art of rolling to create the ultimate smoking experience.

The Vendôme

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The Tuileries

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Jardin des Tuileries

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The Bespoke of the Clouds

Elevate the art of conviviality to a higher level.

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Devambez founded in 1826.

Royal warrants. Engraver by appointment to the Royal House of Portugal.

Devambez art gallery presented the works of Rodin, Picasso, Modigliani...

Advertising elevated to an art form: PAN, published by Devambez in 1928.

Jean Cocteau and his work for PAN, published by Devambez in 1928.

The Goyard art book published by Devambez is a limited edition of 233 copies.

Château de Valmy collection, JOB de Jean Bardou painted by Mucha, 1885.


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