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The Lumax Ashtray - Smoking Accessories - Devambez
The Lumax Ashtray - Smoking Accessories - Devambez
The Lumax Ashtray - Smoking Accessories - Devambez
The Lumax Ashtray - Smoking Accessories - Devambez

The Lumax Ashtray


In a collaboration of sorts between the past and present, Devambez introduces this original item with a newly constructed, dual function lid that when turned over can be used as a rolling tray.

The ashtray itself is an out of production, industrial molded glass piece designed by Le Corbusier and produced in the 1950’s by French glass block fabricator, Lumax. Excellent vintage condition.

The silver-plated lid is hand forged and custom fitted by our private silversmith in Paris. It is marked with the Devambez signature. The ashtray bears the mark of Lumax, its producer.

All elements of this item were made in France over a period spanning more than half a century.

Individually hand-crafted by Monsieur Jean-Pierre, private silversmith to Devambez. He and his atelier hold the estimable title, “Living Heritage Enterprise - Patrimoine Vivant” the highest honor bestowed onto an enterprise by the French government for continued excellence in traditional manufacture.

Presented in a hand-crafted, crocodile-texture embossed case made by Monsieur François, private box maker to Devambez. His atelier also holds the title “Living Heritage Enterprise - Patrimoine Vivant”.
The Lumax ashtray is only available while supplies last and when they sell out, they are gone forever.

One case has one industrial thick molded glass ashtray manufactured by Lumax, France. Engraved with Lumax company logo on the side. Excellent vintage condition. The lid is silver plated in our Paris workshop. Engraved with the Devambez marque, makers mark.

Care Instructions: Polish and clean with a soft cloth.

The hand-crafted case is made of crocodile-texture embossed paper. All markings on the paper case are gold leaf printed.

The Lumax ashtray sizes are 11.5 x 11.5 x 6 cm (4.5 x 4.55 x 2.35 in).
Total weight is 1150 gr. Made in France.

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